Estate Administration

Estate administration essentially is the process of tying up any loose ends regarding the property of  the decedent, and transferring assets to future generations according to established wills or estate plans.

At Marks & Smith Law Firm, we take on the burden of estate administration. With over 20 years of experience in helping families with navigating complex estate laws, attorney Andy Hunt works to alleviate the time, expense and stress associated with the process.  He advises executors, administrators and personal representatives through the entire estate administration process, including:

  •  Collecting all assets (collecting and appraising real estate, personal property, life insurance policies, unpaid income and other assets)
Determining liabilities (notifying creditors, verifying validity of debts, contesting invalid debts)
  • Paying creditors (liquidating assets if necessary, paying remaining bills and valid liabilities)
  • Filing estate taxes (filing state and federal estate taxes, paying taxes if applicable)
  • Asset distribution (distributing remaining assets to heirs according to beneficiary designation in the will or intestate laws, re-titling assets, filing final accounting of the estate)

Mr. Hunt understands that the administration of a loved one’s estate can be emotional and overwhelming. He is dedicated to helping families through estate administration as quickly as possible so that they can move forward in life.

Depending on how the estate plans are set up, the deceased person’s will may need to be “probated” by a court, which means the court will supervise the administration of the estate.  The court will authorize the distribution of assets, and will settle disputes regarding the will or regarding payment of claims in the estate and distribution of assets. Many complicated questions arise and must be dealt with during the course of a probate proceeding.  Attorney Andrew Hunt can help to answer these and many others:

  • Is a probate necessary?
  • What if there is no will?
  • How long will the probate process take?
  • Who is responsible for the remaining debts and medical bills?
  • Does the attorney I hire need to be located in the same city or county as the decedent?
  • What if the original will cannot be located?
  • How do I determine if probate has already been opened?
  • Do life insurance benefits go through probate?

With offices in Lake Wales & Winter Haven FL, we have over 20 years of experience in complex estate laws, estate administration and probate matters.